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Hosted Unified Communications

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Unless your company is a telecommunications company or supplier the hours spent to learn and keep up with the changes in the world of Unified Communications (UC), and its complexities can be better spent. Remember back a few years when PBX systems provided a phone on the desk and it rang and you answered it. Those days are gone, now the features and options go far beyond the desk phone and extend into voice, video and also collaboration services.
System of the past are ill equip to support these features and require a hefty up front fee and ongoing maintenance fees to get the new feature, and then with the speed of development a few years, months, or even days after your investment, some new feature or option becomes available, and you are out of luck without time and expense to purchase and deploy.

With hosted all the expensive brains and hardware are owned by the provider and you are paying for the right to use a portion of the system for your company, this has a few advantages beyond the fast feature deployment and handing of responsibility to experts, it also saves cost by splitting the expense of the hardware and management across multiple companies, keeping your company costs lower, allowing you to get more for your money.

There are differences in the hosted providers, many hosted providers have geared their systems towards small business and their tight wallets. While there are needs for these types of companies, they are not Unified Communications providers, they are hosted phone providers. Unified Communications provides many advanced features that many enterprises have been using these features for years, however the price point has kept smaller businesses out. Hosted UC brings all the features and options to mid to small market at a price point they can afford.

Basically Hosted UC will help your company compete on an even playing field with larger companies without the upfront and ongoing expenses of a UC system.

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