Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Need IT or networking staff but don't want to hire someone full time? If so, we have a solution for you. We provide part-time networking and IT staffing for affordable rates. There are many advantages of augmenting staff, rather than outsourcing or hiring a new employee.



Maintain control

There is no feeling like when your order is not at all what you expected. Staff augmentation is the perfect way to complete projects and keep control over the process and outcome.

Utilize existing staff and resources

If you try to outsource a project, then you are paying for a whole team to do the job when you really just needed an extra hand. Save money by having an extra temporary team member on hand.

Complete projects on time

Our employees are experts in their fields, so they can complete projects efficiently and effectively. If you are struggling to meet a deadline, give us a call.

Gain insight and knowledge

The problem you are starting with is that your company lacks the knowledge to complete tasks. If you outsource then your team will learn nothing, and not know how the system works. Having one of our team members on your team allows for your staff to learn from an industry expert and build the skills that future projects will demand.

Everyone is on the same team

Outsourcing scares employees because it makes them feel replaceable. Contractors do their job and do not associate with employees. Our augmented staff works with your team and builds an identity with your company. This provides the best outcome because your team knows your system the best, so combing our security staff is a win-win.