Managed UC

Managed UC

If your Communications needs are more complex or you have an existing system, perhaps a Managed Unified Communications (UC) Solution is the answer. A managed solution incorporates all of the features available with a Cisco UC solution, but the equipment is owned by you. Whether you have one location, or many, you will eliminate the hassle of managing multiple providers and incorporate a full suite of features throughout your network, all from your datacenter. If you are in the office or on the road, you will be connected to your network: Smart phones, Tablets and laptops all are integrated.

managed uc

IPNetVoice Managed UC Solution provides you with all of the support needed.

Managed UC solution features:

  • Company purchases and hosts all equipment on-site, or in their datacenter
  • IPNetVoice provides full system support and maintenance, including installation of upgrades/updates.
  • Up-front investment in hardware and setup.
  • Low monthly fixed management fees per user or device.
  • Customer retains ownership of the equipment.

For a detailed list of all of the features available to you with a Cisco UC Solution from IPNetVoice, please click here