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National Chimney

national chimney


National Chimney is an industry leading manufacturer of liners, caps, and other chimney supplies. With 5 locations throughout the United States and a fleet of delivery trucks, a comprehensive and robust communications network was required to insure their client’s needs are met in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

Situation and Challenge

With over 60 users distributed across the country in five locations, National Chimney accepted the inefficiencies associated with a legacy communications network as the “cost of doing business”. Each location had their own telephone system, hardware and equipment in addition to their broadband internet contracts.


IPNetVoice proposed a Hosted Unified Communications Solution. Put all communication devices, i.e. telephones, desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets on one, hosted communications network. By taking advantage of VoIP technologies, National Chimney would be able to eliminate separate telephone systems and long distance charges, reduce equipment overhead, reduce IT resources needed to maintain legacy systems and greatly increase the functionality of their communications network.


IPNetVoice (IPNV) performed an audit of National Chimney’s network capacity in order to identify any latency issues. Once capacity was verified, IPNV provided routers and handsets for each location, one location at a time. The installation of the UC network was in parallel with the existing legacy telephone system. There was never an interruption of service. This process was repeated with each location, bringing them on‐line, one at a time. When the system was fully operational – tested and verified, were any individual legacy system terminated.


The reality is that legacy phone systems are more costly to own and maintain, while offering a fraction of the functionality and capabilities of a Unified Communication (UC) system. With the cost savings realized, National Chimney was able to recover the initial costs in less than a year and greatly improve functionality.

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