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Kinney Pike

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Kinney Pike was founded in 1904, when the Steven C. Dorsey Agency formed to sell industrial life insurance policies. The Pike Insurance Agency operated separately at the time nearby, selling industrial health and accident insurance as well as business property & casualty insurance. Over the next several decades, the business names changed, the companies expanded and in 1969, the companies merged and the agencies formed Vermont’s largest independent property & casualty insurance agency, knows as Kinney, Pike, Bell & Conner.
Kinney, Pike, Bell & Conner continued to expand and strengthen their competencies by employing professionals dedicated to helping clients obtain insurance coverage with reputable companies at reasonable prices.
In 1976, Kinney, Pike, Bell & Conner was invited to become a partner in Assurex Global, a prestigious international consortium of top brokers worldwide, and today still holds the distinction of being Vermont’s only Assurex Global partner.

Today the company is known as Kinney Pike Insurance professionals and is still one of the largest independent insurance agency in the state of Vermont.


Kinney Pike had individual old outdated PBX’s at each office. The need to modernize, collaborate and better serve their clients was paramount. Angie Charron, the IT Manager researched several hosted companies and narrowed it down to 2-3 companies that offered hosted business class VOIP. This included IPNetVoice.

Initially Kinney Pike chose another company to do their hosted VOIP project, however , after 6 months of efforts to bring the solution on line it was decided the choice was not meeting Kinney Pike’s needs. Because IPNetVoice had impressed Kinney Pike with their presentation and knowledge of unified communications, though not chosen initially due to the organization size, Angie Charron contacted IPNetVoice, to ask for advice. After a few months of discussions and fact finding IPNetVoice returned to meet with IT, tested Kinney Pike’s network and determined that VOIP would work in their IT environment and be a suitable solution.


IPNetVoice (IPNV) performed an audit of Kinney Pike’s network capacity in order to identify any latency, jitter and packet loss issues. Once capacity was verified, IPNV provided network modifications needed to leverage the existing investment in a Cisco VoIP enabled infrastructure and handsets for each location. Training was provided at each site and a follow-up training to cover any questions and provide the training to any users who had missed the initial sessions. The installation of the UC network was in parallel with the existing legacy telephone system. There was never an interruption of service. When the system was fully operational, tested and verified, IPNetVoice then migrated all the Kinney Pike voice lines from analog over to SIP and completed the cutover.


Aaron Archambault, CEO of IPNetVoice recommended a trial set up so users could see the benefits of our solution. This was quickly accepted and the trial was a success. The solution proposed by IPNetVoice, put all communication devices, i.e. telephones, desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets on one, hosted communications network. By taking advantage of Unified Communications technologies, Kinney Pike was able to eliminate separate telephone systems and long distance charges, reduce equipment overhead, reduce IT resources needed to maintain legacy systems and greatly increase the functionality of their communications network.


Kinney Pike now enjoys the latest in technology and is leveraging it to improve client relations. Their internal staff can collaborate, via IM, Video, Voice and their tasks are simpler to accomplish. The best part is they are future proof. By choosing the hosted UC solution from IPNetVoice, Kinney Pike will always be up to date on current software for the system and any new Unified Communications applications. The onus is on IPNetVoice to do what we do best, provide top quality Unified Communications services at a reasonable price, without compromise. To quote Terrence Hughes, Treasurer & Vice President of Human Resources;

“ Since moving to our new phone system designed and implemented by IPNetVoice our phone calls are crystal clear and the phones are easy to use. With the caller ID in place, we can see who is calling and greet the caller accordingly. The conversion from our old system to the new system was seamless. Aaron Archambault CTO came in and did all of the setup and training. IPNetVoice took care of the porting over of our numbers and the back room programming of the system. We had to tweak a few things but as soon as we reported the issue to IPNetVoice, they immediately took steps to have the system work in the manner we wanted.

With this new phone system in place, our staff can now more easily process our customer’s calls to the appropriate agent, providing more timely customer service which will generate greater customer satisfaction. All of the features that IPNetVoice told us about in the sales presentation work in the manner as described. IPNetVoice made a promise to deliver a modern day Unified Communications system along with prompt accurate service. They have kept their word.”

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