Jabber – Disconnected – fix


When Jabber shows all users as offline, you can use these steps to try to recover. Jabber going and staying offline is usually caused by network or internet connection issues. If the following steps do not resovle the issue and you have network connectivity, please contact IPNetVoice via phone (802)448-5581 or email support@ipnetvoice.com

Jabber offline signs


If you experience Jabber going offline, you may notice you can no longer see that status of individuals, and you will see your status as offline. This may requre you to login back into jabber.

Sign out

  1. From the upper right hand corner select the gear, this will activate the menu
  2. Choose Sign out from the menu.


  1. Your username and password should be already in the box, if not please enter your userID and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can contact IPNetVoice Support, or use the Password Tool
  2. Click the Sign-in button, to relogin to Jabber

Signed in


Confirm that you are signed into Jabber and your status is Available, or any other status except offline. You should also be able to highlight users and have the option to Chat or Call.