About Us

Established in 1998, IPNetVoice has continually been immersed in the technologies that are driving today’s rapid acceptance of IP-based communications and networking. Unified Communications is the seamless integration of all means and applications of communication, regardless of platform or device utilizing Ethernet connectivity, and possibly the Internet instead of point to point traditional “copper wired” telephone systems. This includes, but is not limited to, all aspects of telephony and voice mail, messaging (both real‐time instant messaging and non‐real‐time email), collaboration, FAX, mobile devices, tablets and desktops, all with voice, video and data capabilities depending on the device. It is an all‐ encompassing communications system that fully integrated, and is not device or network dependent.

IPNetVoice started out as a training company specializing in Cisco and Microsoft communications systems, but quickly added IP telephony consulting to their offerings. Recent additions to IPNetVoice training programs have included Cisco Wireless, Cisco MeetingPlace, and Cisco Unified Communications.

Recognizing a need for a Unified Communications solution for small to mid-sized businesses, IPNetVoice now offers an essentially “out of the box” option with their IPNV Hosted Unified Communications Solution. The hosted or “Cloud-based” option now makes these advanced technologies available to small businesses at significant cost reductions.

IPNetVoice utilizes industry leading Cisco products at its core. Cisco offers the broadest range of customized integration options, without the need for investment in costly hardware.

With offices in Peru, New York and Colchester, Vermont, IPNetVoice presently has customers and users across the United States. Configurations vary from large single campuses to multi-site/ multi-state networks, and involved in Manufacturing, Financial Services and Education.


Aaron Archambault CEO, CIO - Aaron (middle-back) founded IPNetVoice in 1998 as a Training and Consulting Company, specializing in Cisco Communications Technologies. Drawing on his vast knowledge and experience with Cisco technologies, Aaron is now taking IPNetVoice into competitive world of Unified Communications, offering both Hosted and Managed UC solutions to the business community. Aaron has a “customer-centric” philosophy: provide the best solutions and products and support them without question. Born and raised in Vermont, Aaron is a graduate of Vermont Technical College and University of Phoenix, and now lives with his family on beautiful Lake Champlain.