Medium Business

Medium-sized businesses often encounter scalability issues during periods of growth or contraction of their markets, and with this, unforeseen costs may arise. A Cisco Unified Communications solution can minimize these costs by simplifying your communication network. Need to add an employee and phone? It is as easy as plugging a VoIP telephone (provided by IPNetVoice) into your network and letting our dedicated service engineers program the device to your specifications. Another “growing pain” often encountered by your business is adding a new location, or moving to a larger facility. This can be extremely costly when tied to a traditional PBX/land-line network. With a Hosted UC solution, your network is 100% portable: it is essentially “plug and play”.

With a hosted solution, IPNetVoice provides a commitment-free solution that can expand or contract with your business needs. Other issues or “needs” are:

  • Mobile connectivity
  • Telecommuting capability
  • Coordinated scheduling
  • Instant messaging

All of these features were once only available to enterprise-class communications systems, but are now available to Businesses of all sizes, any number of locations, in both the USA and Canada. All at an extremely reasonable cost.

Contact us for a personal assessment of your current system and to explore your opportunities to expand your Unified Communications Network.